Saturday, January 24, 2009


Why cant life be simple? Why cant is just be?
Why is it I have to cry inside for noone else to see?
Why cant my life be mine instead of everyone elses?
Why do I carry so much guilt for things I have no control over?
Why cant the pain stop?
Why cant they see without me having to have a nervous breakdown?
Why cant someone hold me for a change and let me be the one to fall apart?
Why do I have to be so strong?
Why do I have to take care of everyone? Why when noone takes care of me?
Why do I feel so alone when I am surrounded by so many people?
Why do I have to make all the decisions?
Why cant I just sit back and let someone else take over?
Why do I feel like I am dying inside and noone cares?
Why cant I stop crying?


~debbie said...

Time to blog.

~debbie said...

January 24th...are you going for a year? lol

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset
Dyer Island Maine