Sunday, April 20, 2008


A time for renewel
A time for coming back to life
A time for letting go of those dark places that drag us down
A time for seeing our own reflections in the melting ice
A time to decide if what we see is really what we are or what others want us to be
A time to take stock in our lives,
A time to change if thats whats needed
A time for rebirth be it spiritual or emotional
A time to remember as the flowers start to grow that life goes on
A time to decide that as it goes on, do I stay put or do I move on with it..I hope each of you can move on...reflect on the good...let go of the bad...and let the beauty of spring come into your lives.....

written by C.A.B. 2005

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Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset
Dyer Island Maine